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Under My Hood

Why is my hood more intimidating than your hood when your hood was the first hood meant to intimidate people from my hood? And to this very day you still come into my hood. Physically, you removed your hood but when the feelings are so deep in your heart you can't remove your hood. So now when you come into my hood, I feel like I have to put on a hood and pretend to be hood when I'm the farthest from hood.

Three words can change a person's life forever...

A few years ago, there was a “high profile” case of domestic violence and it appears this case has finally put a spotlight on this horrible ordeal that is too bright to ignore. It’s sad but it’s true, that we had to see the video of him hitting her so hard, that she was knocked unconscious and then dragged out of the elevator, before we accepted what we already knew, she was a victim of domestic violence.
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  • Coleman G. Howard

I AM...

In my first post, I never wanted a superhero, I just wanted my dad, I shared that after I read my letter at my dad’s funeral, my spiritual journey began. On my way home, I began to ask myself questions.