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  • It feels better when we heal together, than when we hurt alone...
  • Coleman G. Howard

It feels better when we heal together, than when we hurt alone...

When I decided I was going to start a blog, I told myself that I wanted my blog to be a place where people would feel safe to share some of their thoughts and feelings and to also read the thoughts and feelings of others. Ultimately, I wanted to create a place where truth, love and compassion, for ourselves and others, would be the pillars of our healing because we are always healing in one form or another. The beautiful thing would be that we could do it together because… it feels better when we heal together than when we hurt alone.

The love that I have received after sharing my story on Father’s Day with the first post, I never wanted a superhero, I just wanted my dad, has been nothing short of amazing. I had no clue what the reaction would be but if you have read some of the comments, you have seen how truthful, how loving and how compassionate the words from another person can be and how those words put you in the safe space where we know and understand that everything is going to be ok.

When I began my healing process, I had no idea what my journey would look like or what it would feel like but I knew that I had to have God at the forefront and I thought that would be enough, just me and God. It took me a little while to figure it out but I was wrong. Without question I needed God but I also needed the truth, love and compassion from God expressed to me through others.

We never know when another person is hurting inside or what they may be going through in their life that is causing the hurt but we always know when we are personally hurting inside and we always know what is causing that hurt in our life and more times than not, we choose to hurt alone. The reasons we choose to hurt alone can range from being ashamed of what took place to cause our hurt, to somehow convincing ourselves that we deserve the hurt that we are feeling. I personally felt ashamed, I felt embarrassed, I felt like I would be judged, I felt like the risk of opening up to others would only expose me to more hurt. So I chose to hurt alone.

The day I chose to read my letter at my dad’s funeral, was also the day I chose to allow others to help me with my healing process. After I read the letter, some people shared a kind word about something that had taken place in their life and some people just simply gave me hug. We were healing together. I can only speak for myself but it felt much better than when I was hurting alone.

I pray that after reading this post you are compelled to share some of your thoughts and feelings because your words will help to change someone else’s life.

Coleman G. Howard

  • Coleman G. Howard

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