The Under My Hood Truth Experience (UMH) will be a safe space free of judgement.  UMH allows individuals from different backgrounds the opportunity to come together and share their authentic truth that lives under their hood. 

So many people are judged unfairly for what they look like, what they sound like, who they choose to love, what religion they choose to practice, what country they come from to now live in this country, and the list goes on and on.  For this one night, the presenters will have the opportunity to share who they are "under their hood", in their voice, and on their terms. 

I believe that when we are willing to share who we are without filters we will then feel comfortable enough to have meaningful discussions about subjects that are at times very uncomfortable to talk about.  The beautiful thing about UMH, is that we are all operating in a safe space that allows us to be more vulnerable and it will also allow us to be more trusting, more truthful, more loving, and a more compassionate human being towards one another and this gives us the ability to create a world that is capable of recognizing the humanity in all of us. 

Coleman G. Howard

This is a FREE event with limited seating and all donations are welcome.